Why Hello there...

Hi friends! I pray YOU dear reader are doing absolutely wonderful. We are all doing fabulous at the DLC household. Kids are a year older and mom is always on the move excited to share all my new ideas with the world.

I feel so alive right  now and i think SPRING has everything to do with it. The beautiful weather, walks in the park, no heavy boots or coats for the next few months is simply awesome. But the most exciting thing i started doing is COUPON CLIPPING/SALE SEARCHING/BARGAIN SHOPPING like a mad woman.
As a family of 6 It took me a while didn't it? I just thought the whole process was so time consuming that i opted for the easy more expensive way out. I am done with that.

Let me show you my first attempt at this new lifestyle. Last week i went shopping and usually i would pay about 30-40 for the items you see on this picture, but no- i payed $20 for EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE. I think i could of done better if i had enough time and more coupons to stack and double, but i am proud of my FIRST shot.

The basket where .99 cents at Bed bath and Beyond!!! Can you believe?? they are so cute too :)

I think i did good for a first time right? I plan on sharing about how to find these amazing deals at your local drug store and super market. This week i will take a trip to my local drug store to score some amazing things.. I will show you ALL.. stay tuned

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Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely happy to find this. Good job!

Cicero's Wife said...

LOVING IT! sooo glad your back BEstie! We missed you out here in the bloggie world!
Tell us more about savingsssss!