Monday Shredded update

Want to say before hand that, i am not feeling OK to make this a long post, but i wanted to update you guys on my round 2 30 day shred...

Today is day 4 of the 30 day shred round 2 for me, before i started this workout i thought i was going to need 5lbs weights- because i wanted to increase my resistance. The No more Trouble Zone changed that real quick. That workout program is NO JOKE. Is like 40 minutes of craziness, but I've lost 2 pounds in 4 days with it and i am sore all over again... I Love/Hate it.

I haven't been using my elliptical for 3 days now, after the shred and the NMTZ i am totally worn out.. I think i am going to do the Shred in the morning and the elliptical at night, we will see.

I've got my girls at my Blog Frog Community hanging strong with me.. Come check us out..

God Bless.. (homework with kiddos awaits)

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Donna said...

I sent you a message! I hope to hear back from you.