Can't get enough of this!

I hope you don't think i am a exercising guru or something like that.. HA! I am far from that.
Prior to my elliptical purchase i worked out here and there at the gym, never EVER motivated or happy doing it. The shred was heaven sent because, 1. i hate working out 2. I didn't have time to work because i hated it, the shred made it all fun 3. is easy and simple to follow and 4. it delivers results FAST.
Starting the shred today all over again brought some strange joy to my I am so serious. I also did her other workout No more trouble Zones and ohhh child, what was i thinking. It target spots i never even thought existed, seriously! I managed to do them ONLY because i had already done the shred for 30 days if not, good lord i would of been in trouble. OK i must confess, i need to confess i can't go on if i don't confess... I know i told you guys i would take yesterday off to rest, uhmm i wanted to, i really did. At 10pm last night i was so AWAKE, and my body was calling for pain (my muscles really) I did the No More Trouble Zones yesterday, i didn't do the shred though. I couldn't help it, i needed to let some steam out, i was super annoyed at something and after the workout i felt like a champ (the shred will do that to you). Today i woke up so sore, which means i worked muscles the shred didn't get to- I really suggest this workout after the 30 day shred. After the shred and this workout today, i am beat, but feel so good.
I sharing some of the goodies i eat, which are healthy and yummy..This cereal is my favorite, i eat it for breakfast almost every morning- with skim milk of course
I also love these, not only are they healthy but filling...They have them in different flavors like Apple, Peanut butter and Oats and Honey.

Ok that's it for now.. If you like to join me and my girls on this shred adventure make sure you visit my Blog Frog Shred Community

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Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

that is awesome! One step at a time is all it takes! :)