Does your Knee hurt from the Shred? Here's what i did.

Yes the Shred can be very hard on your knees, especially if this is the first time you work out in a long time. My knees did not start hurting in level 1 but when i started level 2. Maybe i did something wrong, but i also believe the strain from working out everyday can cause them to hurt, as they work to get stronger.

After spending one night sobbing from the pain, my husband encouraged me to do the following

Rest, rest your knees for one day if necessary. Don't stop working out completely but rather moderate your workout, not putting pressure on your knees.

He bought me these which help A LOT, with body aches;

I also applied this ALL THE time on my knees - and massaged them.
And remember to moderate your workout until your knees are better. Mines are all set to run a marathon, but all because i pulled through which made them stronger, and good i took care of them.

I hope this helps a bit- And please don't let anything- ANYTHING discourage to your goal...

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Victoria said...

Thanks for the advise Jackie! I don't know why I never thought of using icy hot, but i'm gonna give it a try. I don't want to stop the shred. And I think you're right, I'm not used to the constant pounding, jumping, lunging, and pressure on my knees so they're probably just getting stronger. I haven't tried that PX190, but I read your post about it. It sounds interesting enough that maybe I'd like to try it one day. I'll keep up with it through you though - your posts are the ones that inspired me to do the Shred! :-) Thanks again, and great job on your weight loss!

Victoria said...

I bought the icy hot and aleve this weekend. I treated my knees and wrapped them both this morning and I can already feel a huge difference! No more pain at all when I walk or sit/stand. I'm looking forward to doing my workout this afternoon. I just wanted to say thank you Jackie for the great advice! Have a wonderful week!