Day 24 of the Shred -Thanks..

Finished day 24 rocking it! I started on level 1, which i did following Nataly, then moved to level 3. I am working through level 3 just fine, some at Anita's pace and some at Nataly's.

I am kind of sad i only have 6 more days to go :( .. Wait wait hold up, i still have 35 pounds to loose are you kidding me! This has just begun... Sooooo with that said I've changed the 30 day shred to a 60 days shred for me. Yup i plan on sticking to this workout for 36 more days, then i will move on to something else. I will be doing 2 levels and sometimes 3 (once your endurance is right on, the workout gets easier) I am going all the way from 182 lbs to - 140 lbs in 3 months, God willing, that's the plan.

Today i went TO Target and wore my SUPER WOMAN SHOES, i was flying through the store (i seriously was) those shoes just do something to me no other shoe has ever done, I love you easy toners.

I've gotten so many emails from various people encouraging and asking me shred questions. And some of you are or have started the shred, i want to first of all THANK you ALL who have taken your time to leave me a comment, i am so grateful. I am here for any support you guys need, and remember you can do it- 20 min for 30 days is a joke..right?

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