Day 29 of the Shred

One more day....

If you think level 2 has too many planks, wait until you hit level 3- it is plank land. My right hand hurts from something i did to it the day before yesterday. I am feeling tired and worn out, i can't wait for those 2 days off i so desperately need.

My husband watched me do level 3 yesterday (which i kept telling to LEAVE) he asked "how in the world you did this workout for 29 (soon to be 30) days straight, i am very impress these moves are no joke. And they are but once you do them over and over they get easier.

I notice i have to increase my resistance soon, my 3lbs weights need to be upgraded for 5lbs ones. I don't have a six pack yet (i think in 2 months i will) I had a baby 7 months ago and let's just say it's needs a lot more shrinking to do, but the results so far are awesome. I think because I've so anxious lately, i have not cared about what i put in my mouth, i haven't been eating too much but rather very poorly (like the boneless wings with fries i ate the other night) *shake my head*

I am so sad day 30 is tomorrow, even if i start over is not the same like the first 30 days. I mean i am super excited i am done, but i need to stay motivated for 2 more months, and i am already feeling bummed.. I need to STAY MOTIVATED (I most likely will because i am not turning back, but i can't help how i feel)

What ever happened with all those ladies who started the shred with me?


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Amber Stoneburner said...

Stay with it my girl! I just found your blog less than a week ago, which is also when I started the Shred. I just finished Bob's Boot camp workout and needed to move on. I actually gained while doing Bob's and although I know some of it was muscle, I am sure I should have seen better results. I am really hoping Jillian will do that for me. My eating habits are pretty good, but I have health problems working against me.
Will you just continue with level 3 through out your next 30 days?
Praying your sadness passes quickly and you come back from your days off with a renewed excitement! Can't wait to see your pics! You are inspiring lady...don't loose heart!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there...you will find something to mix it up a bit. YOu can always continue to mix in the shred with your work out. Just think...phase one is over and now the results that you will continue to see will be more amazing than phase 1 of your journey.
I am on day 8 of the shred. I like the results i am seeing but for some reason was in a real funk yesterday...eating and exercising. I think it had to do with the snow storm we were getting.
Keep it strong Girl.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I started yesterday, and boy can I feel it. I have been in a bit of a funk myself, but I am hoping that doing this for myself will help.

Kathie said...

you only have 1 day left! i just found your blog today and it couldnt have come at a better time. someone at work just gave me the shred dvd and i've been putting off starting it. after reading your blog i am now ready to stop pussyfooting around and get down to business. thank you so much and i cant wait to see the end result!

Faith Imagined said...

I have never heard of the Shred! I need to check it out!

Jackiedlc said...

Thanks guys i needed your encouragments..

WOW Jen day 8 already? WOOOO WHOO are you seeing results already?

For all you ladies who started the Shred all i can say is the battle is mental.. There where nights i was working out at 1am, because i refuse to let the day go without me working.. I mean i am the only one i would cheat if i din't :)
You can do it, of course you can...

Anonymous said...

I did the shred 5 days last week then missed Sat.-Mon.
But got back to it yesterday plus 20 min., walk/jog on the treadmill. I aslo got in 20 min. on the treadmill on Monday. I've been going by my weight on Mondays, I was down one pound on Mon. better than nothing, I guess. I'm already starting feel that burned out feeling. It usually doesn't take long for me. But I've got to stick with it! I really want to loose this weight and tone up!!
I can already see difference in my stomach!

Jackie, I can't wait to see your 30 day pic!! I came and checked here before I worked out cause I needed some motivation! lol and they weren't here yet!! Your doing awesome and bet your looking awesome as well!! Hope you enjoy yours 2 day rest, you deserve it!!