Day 26 of the Shred, Late but

That's no excuse to not workout...

Today i wanted to break down how I've been eating these past weeks, but i think i am going to have to leave that for tomorrow. I have this awesome book i want to indulge in, after working out so late..

I think my right knee is starting to hurt again, i felt a weird pain today going up and down the stairs, is calling me for rest! but HA with 4 days left who is resting... I am so determined to get these 30 days out the way and move on to the next 30 days (after 2 days of rest of course)

Good night ya'll my book awaits..(the book i am reading is called "A woman after God's own heart") So far is right own..

I will post my 30 day pic in 4 days..

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Kate said...

I am so impressed with your dedication! Just watch that knee...I don't want you to hurt yourself!