Day 27 of the Shred, Reflecting

Level 3 is so much better now, my endurance to this level is stronger. I can't believe i am on day 27, i never thought i would be able to work out 3 days in a row, let alone 27. Today i did level 2 and 3. I've never sweat so much in my life, it felt so good, is like my body craves the torture.

Something important for those who are thinking about starting this workout is, you have to set your mind with the desire you have to loose the extra pounds. If your mindset is weak you will not succeed, because thre will be days when you don't want to workout, but how bad you want it?

Today i started my workout at 9 pm- I remembered how horrible yesterday's workout was, and i didn't want to repeat it. I cleared my thoughts and began the workout with a strong and positive mindset, in result, today's performance was the best out of any of the other.

So, you say you are overweight and need to loose the extra pounds. My question is what are you going to do about it?



Or get your mind right?

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Cori Lynn said...

Congrats on making it this far!! Not much longer and you will be done :) I knew you could do it!

Kasey said...

I'm ready to see more before and after pics!

Maryann said...

Hi Jackie-

I have to thank you because now I am getting The Shred and starting on it ASAP!

I saw your pics and you look great! Keep it up!! :)

And thanks for your comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Great job!! I cant wait to see the pictures!!