Not Me Monday!

Yea i am excited about my first NOT ME entry from MckMama's blog. I am always snooping around her blog and miss out on all the fun because i never seem to join the fun, but this time i am in.

I would like to start by saying that NO it was not me who woke up today at 11 and stayed in bed a little longer until noon, nope not me. And it was def not me who dint even bother to ask any of my little ones if they at least had cereal for breakfast (HA i did think about it but not to hear no mom i am hungry i dint even bother asking) To add to the craziness i did not just order pizza for lunch and chilled with friends who came to visit me today and now to top it off is not me who is simply making spaghetti with sauce for dinner. WHO ME? Did i add to that i am not still in pajamas? Nope not me...

It seriously feels like one of those days where you just want to shut all the noise from your mind OFF and relax. Put the to-do list away and just have a random day! YES is just one of those days and i am going to finish enjoying it..

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Cicero's Wife said... def. was NOT ME who hung out with you while it was suppose to be prep dinner time! ;P

Kasey said...

haha love your not me! i just also started not me's! there fun!