I believe. Wait do i really believe?

Rainy days are so good for me sometimes, i can stay home and get things done with a clear mind (don't ask i have no clue why). As i drove back from dropping half of my kids at school today i reflected on God's word. Different Bible verses came to mind to soothe the anxious feeling i was experiencing inside. God spoke to me but did i really BELIEVE what god had spoken to me at that moment through those verses? Of course i did why wouldn't I, well maybe because my actions were not showing it, i believe it in my "mind" yet not in my heart. As i recognize what i was doing i was convicted of my actions. I asked the Lord to help me surrender EVERYTHING to HIM, especially the things i have no control over.

How many times don't we do this? Is sad because we pray and we pray and i don't ever want say or think that we pray in vain but if our heart don't change or receive and BELIEVE what God tells us through His word, how then are we ever going to see and experience the life he called for us to have. I told my Father that i surrender EVERYTHING to HIM, i want Him to guide me at all times and when "those" negative feelings arise not only may He rebuke the devil far from me but that He also set me straight as to why am i even allowing those thoughts to torment me when His word has been spoken already (kind of giving me a good spanking, shoot sometimes we really need one)

Our God deserves a lot more respect, he is not the father of lies and deceit. He is the God of Yesterday, Today and eternity, His word never changes. We should not only believe everything said in His word the Bible but also LIVE it...

Dinner awaits..God bless and stay encouraged :)

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Kasey said...

Thank you for this :)