Your a What! SAHM, Girl Who Does that.

OK so i am having a hard time understanding why some people when they ask me what i do for a living and i answer i am a stay-at-home mom look at me as if I AM SOME KIND OF WEIRD SPECIMEN. I mean like seriously my "occupation" has been around since Eve started having babies, which means i am the ORIGINAL specie around The funniest thing I've come across was someone actually calling me LAZY because i choose to stay home and raise my children (that was one of the moments in my life when i had to drop to my knees and ask my Lord for patience OR ELSE) I mean how can you possibly think i am simply staying home being lazy, not only that you got offended because i looked at you as if you had 20 heads,uhm yea let's not get the offended cards all twisted here please. The overall truth here is that as long as you and your family are in full agreement of your choices what else matters (yea what else matters ah :P

Enough on that subject for even writing about it makes me Let me tell you a little about my feelings (WHAT your going to talk about the craziness in you) No i am not but i want to mainly give thanks to God for embracing me and hearing my prayers :) I just had a baby girl 5 1/2 months ago which completes my baby factory to 4. Before i had my little Olivia i never thought parenting to be as hard as i felt it being these past few months. After i had her i became a ball of emotions. Let me keep it real, i had the baby blues and knew nothing of it because with my previous pregnancies i never experienced this junk. When Olivia turned 4 1/2 months i went to see my doctor and explained to her what i was feeling,after hearing me out for a bout 2 minutes she simply pulled out her notepad and says, you have PPD here is a medication that should make you feel better within 2 weeks (OK thanks for listening) To keep this short, after listening to the side effects of this medication and praying to God to enlighten me, the moment i entered my home i riped the prescription in two, recognize what i had got in prayer warrior mode and began the healing process.
It's been almost 2 months since that day and today i give THANKS to God for hearing my cry. I am not only back to my old self, I AM BETTER THAN THAT. I know there are some people out there who really need to take these medications because their condition is severe, but to our GOD there is nothing impossible. If you just open up your heart to receive from Him, He is able to do everything and anything you ask in prayer.

Psalm 46:1 ” God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble “.

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Cori Lynn said...

I love all your posts :) I like having another strong Christian woman to read about! Thanks for all your lovely posts!

Jackiedlc said...

I am glad you enjoy them :) congrats on your wedding! may our Lord Bless you Both with an eternity together in Him..