I don't know what the title of this post should be

Today i have a serious case of "brain fog". I can't seem to find my way around, i should of listened to my hubby when he said GO BACK TO SLEEP I GOT IT. Got what? you don't have anything i got it. lol.. Yes, is something i suffer from time to time is called the "i got it" syndrome and believe me is getting better (so i hope). Today i finally left my home (beside driving and picking the 2 big kids to school) since Friday evening, wow almost a whole week. As you know we were stuck at home with the FLU. It felt good to be out but there was one problem my brain was just not functioning right, i guess it decided to take a break today HA!

Picture this, i am at the library looking for a book i ask the librarian where can i find it. She leads me towards the book and starts talking and talking and talking, i seriously was in space thinking Lord when is she ever going to stop. So i am here yessing her away thinking man she does not get it ah, i grabbed the book off her hand and say thank you so much sweety have a good afternoon :). I seriously almost had an anxiety attack!!! Did i forget to mention that while she was patiently talking all my kids except for 6 month Olivia where out of control, and this lady is here staring at me blank in the eyes as she yaps away SOMEONE SAVE ME! Just talking about it gets me wacko.

Ok moving on to yummy things. Let me show you what i cooked for my MIL today (she loves these) PICA WINGS .. What is Pica wings you might ask.. Well is our own Honey BBQ Wings for our very own restaurant that we are opening soon :) this time i made them with Bones but my kids prefer them boneless oh well this will do.. ENJOY..

Not sure what happened to my photo editing program!!! ughhhhhhhhhh well heres the best i could do...

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Rodriguezes in Central Asia said...

Thanks Jackie! Your words are so encouraging. I'm sorry your time at the library was so rough. Hope you found what you were looking for. I just got through reading The Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards. One of the greatest books I've ever read, highly recommend it. Looking forward to following you as well :)

Kate said...

Hey lovely lady - you have an award over at my blog :-)