My Self Image

I always believed to be a confident woman. I thought i knew how to stand on my own two feet and let nothing or no one bring me down. I soon realized those were lies of the enemy within me. What is the enemy within? Most of the time we give the devil too much credit, we are quick to pass blame on him(hey that reminds me of 2 people who started the whole thing remember in the garden of Eden) don't get me wrong he is the cause of all evil but sometimes we must hold ourselves accountable for giving in to his craftiness. The enemy within is you not standing up against the devil. You become your own enemy. I was constantly letting the enemy bring me down and fill me with doubt. If the Lord says "I will deliver you be still" The enemy says "but when? you need it now, take the matter into your own hands and do this and that" The majority of time we end up listening to the lies and everything falls because it was not built firm on the right foundation JESUS.

Who you think you are in CHRIST is vital! If you are a person who feels unworthy or powerless you will not be able to produce worthy and powerful things. If you are a person without faith, you will not be able to move mountains. We need to check out self image and remember we are made in the image of the MOST HIGH. What does that mean, it can't mean we are created just like God, for God first of all is spirit and the unknown invisible GOD. When He says we are created in His image He means He placed His spirit inside of us so that we are filled with POWER to discern, fight, grow and live in His will.

As i evaluate my life and ask Him to take out ALL that is not of Him i check my self image and i see someone who is recognizing first of all the POWER the Lord gave me in HIS NAME of course to fight against the enemy. When doubt and anxiety and self pity arises- the IMAGE of the invisible GOD within me recognizes where these feelings come from and as the WORD says arm yourself with the armor of GOD and start throwing bible verses arrows to the enemy. Declare TRUTH in your life through the most effective method THE WORD OF GOD.
Let your self image get so wrapped up in God that you lose yourself in Him and become set FREE :) WOOO WHOOO I THINK I AM GOING TO GIVE THE LORD A SHOUT UP IN HERE!!!

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