Taking a Turn!

After doing some blog hoping and soul searching i asked myself this question, why and f0r what am i blogging openly with others? Why don't i put my blog private and share with those i choose to share my writing with?

Truth is i almost went that direction with my blog, but i realize i have so much to say and i want the WHOLE world to hear me out. I thought about the reasons i shut down my myspace and facebook. I re lived those moments when i became so frustrated over this whole social network world and lately I've come to relive those feelings in the blogging scene too. I read many blogs with great substance i also read some that are copy of the previous one I've just read not because they copy and paste it but because the life of most mothers is very much alike especially us SAHM's. I asked myself if i wanted someone to read my blog as that "just another SAHM'S blog" and truth is i don't i am far beyond that. I was created by my heavenly father to care for my husband and my children, that i know, but beyond that there is someone inside me who also sees a world created for me to share with everyone God's plan of salvation and His word of joyful living in Him. Which in all truth is all i care doing in life besides of course taking great care of the first ministry entrusted to me which is my family.

I was talking to someone who said to me " is cool and all to feel like that but one has to live outside of religion sometimes" Uhm wait first let's explain something here, there is no such thing as living a religion but there is living a CHRIST centered life which means, living according to what GOD-JEHOVAH- JESUS Christ- who lives IN you expects and asks you to live by. My believe in Jesus is not a suit i put on and off when i feel like oooh no no no, this is a matter of LIVING not only what i believe but what is expected of me because i believe. Some might think i am crazy, crazy because i have a way of solving everything with "pray about it" or "wait on God he will come through" or "ask Him for guidance and He will direct your path" and i tell you YES I AM CRAZY, i am a fool for the word of God. If you tell me your down i tell you pray, if you tell me you are confuse i tell you ask God to guide you, why because is what i am instructed to do in my own life from God through His Holy Scriptures. I can't tell you any other way but God's way, for there is NO other way everything else is a illusion towards destruction.

In conclusion I'm thankful i can see a clear path as to what God wants and expects of me. I am grateful for family and friends who enjoy reading my blog and pray i can always be a bearer of good fruits for everyone i come across.

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