You Need A Time out MOM!

Two blogs in one day!!! uh mm i guess i have a lot to share...Homework and bath time was a bit chaotic around here today :( I had to put myself on timeout. I guess the main reason for this blog is to encourage you moms or you who need just a few minutes to breath and relax or to talk to the Lord. In a corner of my bathroom i have a stool were i sit with the lights off for a few minutes, i talk to God or just remain in total silence without the noise until i can hear myself think. As i sat there today i thought wow this is so great for me, i totally feel much better! Not to leave out the part where i said "Lord i know you don't give me more than what i can handle, but i am a bit confused as to what is happening right now" He gave me clarity and sanity, but i had to take that TIMEOUT to be still..

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Cori Lynn said...

I love this post. Sometimes as mothers and just as women we have to take a step back and realize we need a moment of silence to calm down and relax.

I started a new blog for prayer..check it out.


God Bless!