No i am not angry!

No not at all, is more disappointed and questioning what book are some woman reading that are confusing them as to why and for what God created them. To be clear here i am not talking about the non christian woman, why because it wouldn't be fair because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and understanding and if one is not with God(you finish the thought). What brings up such feelings in me today? The lack of respect woman have for men, primarily their partners, Husbands. They wonder why their house is the way it is and fail to SEE the out of orderness all around them (uhm is that even a word). Mind you, i am learning EVERYDAY how to be a better wife and mother in my home so i don't claim to have it all together (HA! not at all) yet one thing i can tell you is the Bible says that Christ is the Head of the church and the husband the head of the home, then why would i waste my time going against that? So much wasted energy. Now if you have a husband who has NO CLUE how to lead, PRAY to the LORD so that he learns. Don't pray that the Lord gives you the strength to carry on the load you will fail because it is not for you to carry.

My prayers are that we re-evaluate ourselves, that we learn FROM THE BIBLE our roles and live it! That we stop lying to ourselves that men are the main problem or only problem and take a STEP back and start the inner change which will result in a God fearing Loving Home..

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Cori Lynn said...

Love it!! Thanks for Sharing!!