God's Gifts Organize it Tuesday!

Ladies and gentlemen i have a announcement to make! I am SUPER excited because after months and months of not being able to keep up with my laundry (yes i have 5 people i need to try to keep in line over here) I have finally reached the finish line!!! So today i woke up and there was NOTHING to wash or FOLD.. This is something I've been busting my behind to try to get together before and after i had the baby. I spend the WHOLE day yesterday washing and folding determined to finish, and I did (pat in the back for me).

So here's how my laundry looked like after i already had picked it up a bit so you don't get to see the fullness of the craziness but here is my "God's gift organize it Tuesday challenge" completed.

I am so thankful to God for giving me the clothes to wear,detergent to wash, washer, dryer and a laundry room to use- therefore; I will show my gratefulness by using it wisely and handling things the way He would want me to :)
Psalm 107:1 "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

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Pamela M. Kramer said...

Nicely done! There is a Tackle it Tuesday at 5 minutes for Mom. Hope you linked up there.

Anonymous said...

kooolllllllllll can you come over and help me with mine?.....LOL

Jackiedlc said...

Thanks Pam.. I will check it out :)

Anonymous lol.. Hey you never know if i might just take you up on that.. I love helping others.. :)

Kate said...

I know that to envy is sinful...but girlfriend...I AM JEALOUS!!! I have been doing laundry for d-a-y-s and can't get caught up!!
Thanks for the inspiration!