Thursday Proverbs 31 Challenge Update!

Ladies how's the Proverbs 31 challenge going so far, Have you purchase your book yet? If so are you reading it. Share with me your thoughts.

Here's my update..

I am sooo loving my prayer time. The way she shows us how to pray in this book is just precious, by the way i am still stuck on chapter one's prayer even though i am on chapter 3 lol.. The most valuable lesson I've learned so far is the internal change that has to occur in me in order for me to even go ANYWHERE, and i am so working on it. Also as a mommy of 4 the youngest being 5 months old, i consumed myself in my kids and home, my husband was the last thing on my list (yea let me keep it real sometimes he dint even make the list) So as i write my daily to do list or goals, i make sure i add TIME WITH HUBBY to the list. Is vital vital vital.. And not only that when we do come together, and no it does not always have to be sexually, actually i suggest that it is not always sexual (even though, sometimes it always end up there lol) but just talking, watching TV, reading a book is super fun :) OK so the work-in-progress continues yeyyyyy.. :)

Here is the link if you haven't purchase your book, do it now!! you will only be blessed :)

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