Thankful Thursday

Even though my family is going through a trial state in our life, i will stand firm in my Faith in the one and only Saviour, in my God alone Jesus Christ. Who delivers us from evil, hears our cry and wipes away all tears from our eyes. I love you father..

Here are the things i am thankful for..

  1. I am Thankful for the daily bread He provides.
  2. Thankful for ALL my brothers and sisters in the faith who care for us and keep us day and night in their prayers.
  3. The massage my husband is giving me on my shoulders right now lol.. OMG dint know how much i needed that
  4. How the Lord is working with me.. Even if it hurts is great because only good can come out of it all.

Oh Lord knows i have sooo much to be thankful for.. but i like to keep things short and simple .. :) Remember i am here to pray for you .. just ask..

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Cicero's Wife said...

Love the challenge and love the thankfulness! I've got so much to be thankful too!

Taryn said...

Do you know what OMG means ? Ultimately it is taking the Lords name in vain, I see it so often now, on-line and in advertising,It is used often and flippantly. I've been reading through your blog and much of what you say has been a blessing to me. Please take a stand against the worlds easy use of the name of our Lord. Love in Christ