Take the Cross and Follow Me!

I've never seen the cross so vivid until i called out to my Lord in desperation and He made it come ALIVE in my life.

"If anyone wishes to come after me", he said, "he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me" (Lk 9:23).

First of all let me make this clear, if my style of writting irritates anyone, i make no apologies for i like to express myself as real as i can. I am not a scholar, just a simple girl trying to share positivity in this world of negativity.

The other night i was having a hard time dealing with something (shoot i still am)

As i desperately asked God to lift the load because the pain was so intense (one thing i must admit i was doing a lot of talking and not enough listening) I felt God listening to my madness patiently. All a sudden I felt this complete silence in the room and my heart had nothing else to say. He cleared all tears from my eyes, the anxiety was gone and i was ready to receive. He says, Do you remember the pain i endured for you, do you remember the struggle i went through to carry the cross, do you remember how i fell got back up fell again, do you remember that at one point i couldn't carry it and someone else helped me?
I din't give up i made it to the sacrificial place, carrying MY cross. So this i ask of you, If you are my disciple and want to follow me you must endure the pain and struggles that comes from carrying the cross don't give up I AM HERE TO HELP YOU CARRY THE CROSS...

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Cicero's Wife said...


Don't sweat your writting! Just keep doint it! It's inspiring and speaks true! Thank you for the reminder to "take up my cross!"