My Spirit Filled Proverbs 31 weekly Challenges

OK so here's the deal. I am on a never ending journey to be a SPIRIT filled Proverbs 31 woman as God created me to be. As we know, the proverbs 31 woman talked about in the book of Proverbs possessed a price far above rubies and i agree, the only difference is that Proverbs 31 woman did not live under the grace times we live in now, meaning Filled with the HOLY SPIRIT to guide and direct her,non-the-less for sure God was with her. When i saw it all like this i was filled with thanksgiving.
John 14:26 "But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

We read here that the Holy spirit of God is here to teach us ALL things, and remind us of God's word in the Holy Bible.

I've asked my Lord over and over to give me wisdom in taking proper care of my husband, children and home. I spent quite a long time managing all of these not the way God intended for me to do it, more like the way i wanted to do it. I wanted to RUSH through it all - trying to get to the next stage in life, all the while overlooking and not appreciating each stage i was in. I will also add that i spent a lot of time miserable recognizing i was not doing things right, there always had to be a change of something (hum now i understand why i moved the furniture around so much in my home lol) yet i also recognize that sometimes it takes time for us to get it RIGHT. Today's women are kind of lost, confused as to what their role as women are. Of course time changes trends come in and out, but yet one thing remains the same- GOD'S WORD. God's principals for all human kind. I've read many books, went to several prayer meetings, talked about change, asked for guidance and believe me they all work, but ONLY IF THE CONDITION OF THE HEART IS READY TO RECEIVE AND CHANGE.

With that said i present to you some challenges/goals. Every Sunday night i will post a challenge/goal for that week. Something that you and I can work on together to help us in our walk as great woman of the Most High, Jehovah. Here are some examples of the steps we will take.
  • Learning HOW to pray and WHAT to pray for
  • Do Hands on activities that will teach our children to LOVE others
  • Pray for our spouse
  • Be a good Stuart of what God's given you
  • Teach our children to respect their Fathers by us FIRST respecting them.

These are some examples of the many challenges/goals i will post. I encourage you to write me some goals you think will be great for us to work on and i will definitely add it to our list. Also, with each challenge i put up, i would love for you to share your experience, once you've completed the challenge no matter the timing. And if it's a hands on activity, please feel free to post some pics, but most importantly is the CHANGE OF HEART TOWARD A SPIRIT FILLED PROVERBS 31 WOMAN OF GOD.

OK now let's take these 2 days we have left before the first challenge to learn how to Pray according to Luke 11:1-4 Oh there is a lot to take from there.

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Cicero's Wife said...

I agree so much with what you've said! Everyday we walk around "getting things done!" But we become busy and don't "see" what is our REAL MINISTRY!

So, i'm ready!!!! Bring them on!!! Thanks for the invite!

Anonymous said...

AMEN SISTAH! To speak so open and honest about how we "really" want a change in our life...and how we "really" don't get up and do on the nose!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Well, I can see I'll be learning a lot from you. I fall sooooooo far behind a Proverbs 31 woman it is terrible.