P90X Day 36-41- Thank you Tony!

Tony Horton, i am for ever grateful to you for creating such great workout program. Muscle confusion is surely what makes P90X so effective.

Yoga is a workout i will never stop doing, this is forever. Tony says in one of his DVD'S "there's things i can do with my body not because i do pull ups, but because i do yoga"  and Tony i completely understand you now. If mother was alive she would be proud to know i no longer slump on a chair when i sit. This workout has helped my posture a lot, and my back is stronger.

As i gained weight i moved a lot slower. I didn't go out with my kids as much as i would of liked because my body felt heavy, i found myself dragging my body everywhere. I also felt ugly, fat, yucky... Everything i wore never fit right to me, i was depressed because of my weight- what a sad way to live. But now as the weather rises going outside to do yard work or taking the kids out is no longer a hassle for me, i get up and at it without these crazy feelings hovering over me. I feel very happy and can only imagine how much better it will get.

Enough chatting.. Here's my work out schedule for the last 6 days..

Day 36- Chest, Shoulders and Triceps- Ab Ripper X-- When i first did this workout i hated it because of all the push ups you have to do, but now as i see what it's doing to my chest ME LIKE IT A LOT :)

Ab Ripper X- In this abs workout every move is composed of 25 reps each, in almost all of them I've yet to finish the whole 25 but i am proud to say i made it to 20 reps- I am proud :)

Day 37- Yoga- Out of the 94 minutes I'm suppose to do in this workout i only did 20 because i was so sick with a headache and nausea this day :(

Day 38- Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X-- This was a great workout because i love working on my back- My legs not so much because some of the moves are hard and make my legs BURN.. I'm still sore from it.

Ab Ripper X- No Ab workout for me because i had to step out..

Day 39- Kenpo X- When i did this workout for the first time it made me very frustrated because i kept messing up the moves, I'm not the most coordinated person. But this week all i did was listen to what was next and without even looking i knew exactly what to do.. again.. I'm proud.. I'm considering taking a kickboxing class this fall, this stuff is FUN..

Day 40 X Stretch or Rest- Rest for me please..

Day 41 Core Synergistics- This workout has gone from most hated to one i look foward to. A strong core will allow you to keep optimal body alignment for whatever you're doing.

And now i need to get off this PC to go enjoy this beautiful weather, going for a 20 min walk..

Have a awesome day y'all

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Jilly Moo said...

I just stumbled across your blog and love that you are blogging about your journey to shed the pregnancy pounds. Have your tired The Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout? She has a whole theory about getting the "skin back to the muscle"... If she is good enough for Gwenneth, she is good enough for me! Good luck!