What you Need to Start the Shred

Overall you will need a POSITIVE, DETERMINED mindset, once you have this right you are good to go...

I started with 3-5 lbs dumbbells, you can purchase pair at Walmart or Target for roughly 8.00 the cheapest.

I purchased my mat at Target on sale for $8.50 reg price 9.99

For a pair of great workout shoes my hubby bought me the Reebok Easy Tone, i wrote a review about them Here

OK That's all you need to complete the 30 day Shred..

I suggest you eaither follow the Shred diet, or moderate your food intake.. No food after 7:30pm and NO SWEETS (well at least not a lot)

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Jennifer said...

I just purchased the 30 Day Shred from (Target was sold out, bummer!) and I will get in on the 7th, but I plan on joining you then. Best of luck!

Btw, I love my Reebok Easy Tone shoes!!!!

Rodriguezes in Central Asia said...

I am on day 11, just started level 2, it's kicking my butt. where do you find the shred diet?

Jackiedlc said...

She has the Shred meal plan on her site you have to pay for it though.. that is why i just moderate what i eat-
Eat nothing past 7pm and eliminate sweets for a little while in my life..

DAY 11 IS Awesome .. I remember when you started .. Me soo proud of you..

Rodriguezes in Central Asia said...

thanks! yeah i figured the menu was something you had to pay for, not sure i want to do that. i'm trying to keep my calorie intake to around 1600, but it's been difficult to count because foreign foods do not have the nutritional facts on their packaging, bummer, so i am just guessing and eating less sweets, works well so far. -abby