Time to get my act Together

 I've been eating so wrong lately. Maybe is the fact i've been so stressed and overwhelmed and is causing me to emotionally eat. Something is and i need to nip it in the butt head.

I do have a plan, and i want to share it. Yesterday  i bought this;

Yes the whole Jillian Michaels package. Right now I can see all three On Demand, but i am not sure when they end and don't want any surprises.  I already have the Shred DVD, which i might just do a Giveaway with the new one i am getting soon, stay tuned for that. Today i did the Boost your Metabolism workout, it rocked. I love how it has 2 kick boxing circuits, feel like a bad ass momma, when i do them. Tonight i am going to do the No more trouble Zones workout as well, i feel as if i need to kick myself in gear. They both do cardio but the NMTZ deals with more strength then cardio. I will start this combo tonight and next Sunday will show you all pictures of this week long torture.

I am eliminating all, yes ALL sweets and plan on NOT eating anything that is not on my daily calorie goal. Moderating my food intake worked OK with the 30 day shred, i know i could of done A LOT better if i would of counted calories and now that it kicked me this far, i need to make some sacrifices to reach my goal.

Yesterday i went to dinner with my husband and he said "wow hard work pays off BIG time, you look so different" I do feel different and look different, is what strength combined with cardio does to your body, you shed the weight but also tone muscles. My butt glute has gotten the best work with these workouts. I must share that i had a pair of jeans i bought way before i got pregnant with my little O, which i had not been able to wear because they would not even go pass my thighs. Yesterday i found them and thought "what the heck let me try" and yes THEY FIT JUST RIGHT!!!  I was super excited and pleased with the way they looked, i love them.. Last week i purchased another pair i knew would not fit me, but the goal is to get in them by mid January. I am back in the zone, even though some days i might squeeze in 2 of her hour long DVD's, one in the morning and other at night which might make me pass out, i am going to stay true and focused on the plan at hand.

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Kate said...

I am so, so proud of you Jackie.