Through the Storm, i give you ALL Praise

Waiting on you Jesus is not easy my mind says no, is not possible, but my heart trust solemnly in you. I don't trust with my mind but with my heart. Even if you are late i will trust your answer, because you have all control. If doubt plagues me i will call out to you and you will deliver me. You've sustained me to this point, today i ask- what can i give you Jesus- what can i do for you?

and gently you whisper

Give me a UNDIVIDED HEART to worship. Give me TIME, SEEK me and i will be there.

I will my Lord, i will walk towards you more and more everyday. I know the pain i feel in my heart today, and the uncontrolled feelings that plague me are under your control, you've taken care of them. I am not able to be in your precense without wanting nothing else than to hear you speak, without crying like a newborn baby who yearns the comfort of it's mother. I need your touch, your voice to soothe my aching heart. I love you Jesus and through this storm i praise you, not because i am worthy but you are.

I want more of you,  to live in your precense. Yes i want more of you, and everyday i will be more like you. Break me jesus, Break me and build me up just like you.. Everything i am is yours...



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backinthesaddle said...

Not sure what you are going through but that was a beautiful post. I also absolutely love the picture. Where did that come from.

I pray for serenity for you.

Jennifer (shred friend)

Six divided by two..... said...

Amen. There is a song called, "I'll trust you." Whenever I hear it- I cry. I know, that I know that I know that I can trust him above all others ..even myself. Be blessed