Proverbs 31 Weekly challenge #4

WOW what a long and blessed day today has been. Service was great and a afternoon with great food and friends was right on. So here we are challenge #4, but first i want to give you a brief update on last week's challenge which didn't go as i had planned but oh well i live on God's timing anyways. So the challenge was to make amends or call someone you had no spoke to in a while. I mainly did this challenge because in my own personal life i have to make amends with someone i love dearly, but God knows i tried and was unsuccessful, so again i will continue to pray and wait on God :)

Now this weekend my kids and i worked on something really cool which i saw at SPRITTIBEE'S blog and thought it was great to do with my own kids. It teaches about creation and all the things God completed in 6 days. I thought this was great as a visual especially for my 4yr old so he can have a understanding as to how he and the world was created, and that the monkey or big bammm junk is just that JUNK! it out.. (again we are NOT the craftiest family so please bare with us)

OK so this week's challenge is;

Create a Bible base project with your kids, yes you heard right! create create...I had a blast with his project and plan to make very good use of it.. Now go on create your project and share with us.. Is Simple enjoy... :)

Proverbs 31:28 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.

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kass09 said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! It means so much you like my blog and took the time to post to it! Your blog is awesome as well by the way! So neat to find so many other awesome Christian women on here blogging as well. I love your song on your profile and also love your bookshelf and see you are reading or have read one of my favorite books I am currently reading "Redeeming Love", I LOVE that book and think its such an awesome story! Anyways thanks again and I look forward to reading you blog as well!

Debbie said...

OK, so I did say hello or tried the olive branch with my cousin's sister....there was a big family problem because of her and then after we squashed things she up and moved out and left the family....well thats a step in the right place right.... todays sermon was great....made me think of a convo we had not to long ago about halleluyah night.... God bless,