Till Death do Us Apart!

I am sitting here looking through my wedding album and i can't help to think of all the good, bad and OK moments we've gone trough, and rejoice. Yes i am filled with joy because even if i would love to erase some of the crazy episodes we lived, i know they've also made us stronger. No one said marriage would be easy but i learned through out the years that i will not give it to the devil just like that. Today, i see way too many divorce and any way you put it- it's a sin unless there's been infidelity or your life might be in danger. I am no one to sit here and judge anyone, i can only live by God's word and tell you what it says. It frustrates me how selfish people can be sometimes, to think that ending a marriage is the way out for them individually and not considering everyone they hurt along the way.

I encourage anyone who is unhappy in their marriage to seek God's council first. To ask God to come and put things in perspective. To remind us about that promise we made FIRST to GOD then to each other. The institution of marriage is very sacred to God and should not be take lightly, for Jesus even refers Himself as the bridegroom and us the bride who he paid a price for and shares great LOVE for, that's how sacred marriage is to God. I've found that the more i love my husband the more he loves me and i pray that i continue to pray with out ceasing for my husband and our marriage.

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Kasey said...

Just started following your blog and love it. Just started a blog myself!

Kate said...

You have an award at my blog. Come and get it!