Momma said they'll be Days like This!

So I've come to realize i have a serious case of homebodyness (there i go again making up words) Let me explain. I can't leave my house for too long or i start getting all anxious, it happens to me most on the weekdays when i know i have to get things done before a certain time. So i mainly leave to take my 2 little ones out, my husband takes care of the supermarket stuff and all that for I CAN'T STAND THE THOUGHT OF FOOD SHOPPING! Yes it drives me a little coo coo..So today i left to visit a friend early in the morning and never made it back home until i picked up the kids at school at 4pm. I seriously had to talk to myself the whole time i was driving to school (is OK Jackie you will get things done when you get home-breath-breath) No i am not crazy (so i like to believe) but not being on a schedule gets me nutty. I left the house nice and clean nothing major needed to get done, but in a house of 6 when isn't there things to do?

So i managed to get home at almost 4pm, i had to stop at the mall to pick up something really quick and once i entered my home i managed to talk myself to calmness, gave the kids a snack until dinner time and decided to relax and blog a bit so i can finally get the afternoon routine started. Not to mention i have Bible study tonight and i think i am going to have to pass on it because is one of those cloudy days where i can't seem to find my way through. But i must admit i had a great time at my friend's house and i am going to relax and take it my way.. Nice and slow.. Oh and chill...I am looking forward to my workout tonight and then cuddle in my sheets with a good Book..Oh yea my fave.. I mean the word of God says don't worry or be anxious and that's exactly what i am going to do :)

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