God's Gifts Organize it Tuesday

Lately God has been working with me and my family with "taking care and appreciating everything God entrust and gives to us" With that said, i want you to join me in keeping our gifts in line with God's word. Every TUESDAY i will Host "God's Gift Organize it Tuesday" Don't forget to come by and check out what i am working on.

I am not so proud of what i am about to show you, but it was the quick getaway drawer, i will handle it later type of thing. Do you have one of these at home? I hope not.. lol..

Here's what it looked liked...

Yea, quite embarrassing!!! God was quickly in convicting me for this and here is what I've made of it so far..

Ah much better! So, do you have a space in your home that needs a Faith Lift? lol..I challenge you to tackle it! Show us your before and after pics.. :)

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Cori Lynn said...

Ohhh how I wish I was organized..living with my future in-laws and not really having our own house makes for an unorganized room. Lol. But I do try to keep it as organized as possible..and to answer your question..YES I have one of those drawers. Lol.

Jackiedlc said...

Nice to meet you Cori.. Sorry to hear about the living situation right now, i am sure the Lord knows what he's doing in your life right now.. Only getting you ready for greator things to come :)

and ugh the drawer incident was just soo not right!lol..

ef said...

Jackie thanks for your tranparency and for showing us your 'less than perfect drawer'. It was motivating to me and shows that it doesn't take lots of money to tackle on a project like that, just determination. thanks!