P90X Day 60-61 and 5k training day 2

I don't really know where to start because so much has been going in my life right now is crazy. We went on a mini vacation for a few days, got back to do some construction around the house which lasted a WHOLE week of mess, stress you name it. We also celebrated our little O first birthday party and had a blast.

With all that's been going on working out was extremely hard to squeeze in. I had no access to my living room where i usually do my P90X so i missed one whole week of it, but I'm right back to it. I also began training for a my first 5k run yesterday, so far so good. This program promises to train me run a 5k like nothing in 9 weeks, we shall see i will keep you guys posted.

I will also post some pictures in 2 weeks after i make up for the almost 2 weeks i messed up.

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HD said...

Way to get back to it Jackie!

I'd love to hear about your 5k program! I'm doing a 5k on Friday, sadly I'll be speed walking. (o:

Tracy said...

Everyone deserves a vacation :O) Glad to see you are back with the P90X....best of luck with the training!

http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

Very good.