Preschool Jitters

My 4 yr old started preschool today and it was not a pretty site.

I've been through this before with my other two, not really my eldest but my now 8yr old gave me a VERY hard time in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. I took him for a tour of the school last week, which was a success. He came home saying he couldn't wait to start, but after days passed he was changing his plans. He said "yup nice school, but i am not going there". I thought with this one it would be easier because he is so outgoing and friendly, but today was no different then what i went through with my other boy. I am able to talk boy B into anything easier than boy A- (boy A is my eldest and B youngest, until i get some cool blog names for them lol) Boy B was not budging about getting out the car until i gave him "the look" (you know the ones us moms use when no words need to be spoken) He walks in and stays outside of the classroom the whole time, i am standing inside talking to the teacher and waiting for him to budge. We did this for 20 minutes (i stay that long to assure him things were OK there) then i carried him into the classroom and off i went.(yea right, i stayed outside that doo for like 10min, hearing him scream) A girl passed by and said "why are you doing this to yourself"? I thought your right, as i ran out the door.

So, here i am thinking nothing but, what is he doing right now?. The teacher called about 30 min ago and said he calmed down, and is playing by himself somewhere, still not ready to socialize. I know things will get better soon, but i can't help to feel horrible right now. I can't wait to pick him up at 1 and do this all over again tomorrow...

Just hope he has a big smile on his face. This was him this morning as his sister said smile for your first day of preschool.. He hid and said "what is there to smile about" ..Oh boy.. God is in control though...

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