Day 22 of the Shred, Level 3 is


I am working hard here people. Don't get me wrong i think anyone and everyone can do these workouts (some might need to moderate some circuits) but man, i feel like WHOA after this level. Some of the moves like the rock star are impossible to do unless you are willing to break your knees off (i personally see no point in this move) i replace this with jump ropes.

Today my abs hurt like crazy. This workout is great for abs of steel. Then you have the moving push ups, yea i barely can do a male one, are you kidding me. No wonder i feel this crazy pain on my upper back.

I will survive level 3, and you can too... After the 30 days i will continue this journey until i shred the 40 lbs i need to shred. I will share it all with you and i plan on doing it without dieting just moderation... If i diet i quit- moderation works just fine...

Tell me, how many of you started the 30 days shred, i want to create a blog or group for us who's down?

8 more days to gooo wow

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Jennifer said...

I started on Monday. Day 2 today and I am sore. UGG. I will keep up with it. I also did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine this morning.
Day 3 tomorrow. yes, motivation by others would be welcome


harmonysong said...

Totally proud of you! Nice job! I am on the moderation train, too. If you diet, once you go off the diet you gain it back, or at least I do! I did the shred over the summer, but have decided to pick it back up for this month to maintain consistency in working out.

I agree on the rock stars- crazy. Not sure why I do them...my heart rates is SOARING by the end of them. I have to do the girlie push ups for half the walking ones.

Jackiedlc said...

Go Jennifer! Your going to ROCK! witht he Elliptical add on.. I also have a Elliptical and soo love it.. Come by here whenever you need to.. Leave me your email so i can shout you out sometime :)

Liz, yes i can't diet i would die.. I just know the limits and also not to eat certain things but i am not walking around running from food.. lol.. NO WAY love it too much..

Rockstar move is for Rockstars - i will leave that one to ya'll..I love your comments they keep me going..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your achievements! I have one question. I did day one of the shred yesterday. We stayed up late getting a lot of things done. You would think I would be so tired but I only had five hours asleep and I am sooo awake it feels wierd. I hope this is not insomnia! I do not recall ever feeling this awake. Did you feel like this after starting to work out? I wonder if it is from working out yesterday. If so, this is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Your after pics looked awesome!!!

Thanks for answering my questions a few post back. I also can't diet, I love food to much!! lol
But I been trying to eat smaller portions and also stay away from some things.

I just finished day three. I have been doing it half heartedly the past two weeks and decided I was going to put my all into it this week. I'm getting very sore and only stop for a few short breaths through out. I'm waiting on a part for my treadmill and hope to add some walking a few times a week after the shred.

Has anyone had any experince with yoga? My back aches in the area where I have had 4 epi's with my kids and wondered if yoga would help?

Mama M. said...

Yikes, girl!! You are looking fab! You have JUST motivated me to go buy the shred. Question...will I be able to Christmas shop after I start it? Or will I need to rent one of those electric cart things to get around?

Ami said...

your after pictures just motivated me to put the dvd on my netflix. gonna mail back a movie tomorrow so I should have it next week! debating if I want to put up before and after pics on my blog (would be a great way to make sure I stay on track!) you are braver then I am!