No matter WHAT, i am going to STAND

These things i know; I am going to serve my God all the days of my life unconditionally, i will die for my belief if necessary. Why am i so passionate one might ask, all i can say is i am sick and tired of the devil and his schemes but i am more tired of people letting themselves be use by him over and over. I surrender Lord, i surrender to you because why should i waste my time fighting against someone who's already been defeated, so stupid right, i am sorry but i am just a little aggravated. God never told us to fight the devil with our own strength. He gave us victory over all the works of the enemy when He sent Jesus to the cross.

James 4:7
Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

At some point today i became so aggravated with a situation that arose in my life that i wanted to seriously forget everything the Lord had said to me and just let those who rose up against me HAVE IT! You know like "tell them how it is" type of thing. And then i heard the words i needed to hear .. Sometimes is not those people coming against you is the enemy testing you to see how loyal and true you stay to God's word. It reminded me of Job when God said well look here little devil, have you consider my servant Job? You see, when we are told to see things in the spirit is because we are not fighting a battle we can see with our naked eyes, this is a spiritual war therefore we have to be in spirit and in truth at all times so we are able to discern the things of God and the tactics of the enemy but we are not called to fight against him but to resist him. You get it RESIST and what happens he FLEES, yes he is a coward and has no power over God, he is left with one option to flee. Also remember that the devil has powers, yes he was a angel of God with powers so if you think you can stand up and fight against him you might not know what you are asking for. The Bible clearly says to resist him.

Now let's see how we resist him. Today i felt like tearing apart something I've been working so hard on all because i wanted to get some things off my chest, instead i resist him. I became aware first of how sad would my God be if i throw out the window all He's been showing me lately. Another way i resist him today was every time negative thoughts would pop in my mind i would throw back truth through the word of God ,yes, exactly as Jesus did when He was being tempted in the desert. The more i read God's word the more i learn how to live according to God's word and by staying consistently consistent i can put into practice everything i am suppose to be doing as a daughter of God.

I will leave this right here is 2 am and i have such a BIG day tomorrow.. God bless and remember, THE BATTLE HAS BEEN WON, LET'S NOT WASTE OUR TIME FIGHTING AGAINST SOMEONE WHO'S ALREADY BEEN SENTENCED IS POINTLESS..

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