I'm Here, I'm Here!!!!!

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Oh what joy i felt as i clicked on the "new post" button on blogger. It's been  way to long my friends but as you all know "life happens" and boy has it happened around here.

First let me start by saying that we FINALLY opened our restaurant HOOORAY! for those who don't know my husband and i along with a very good friend of ours spent a year building a franchise. 21 Flavors of bone and boneless CHICKEN WINGS! Delicious i tell you...We opened August 12 and if we thought building and sacrificing so much for a whole year was tough, these 2 1\2 months have been even harder. We've already learned so much (i wish the learning process would of came without errors) and know we will continue to learn even more. Here's a peek of our place..

God is good...

I have to run, but i will be back tonight to share some weigh loss update...